Advantages of taking a Leased line for your small business.

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Business requires a secure and reliable internet connection for increasing their productivity. Nowadays, even small businesses are getting reliant on the Internet for enhancing their business growth. Slow internet and long hours of downtime can impact their business a lot in the present time.

So here are some of the advantages that you should consider before choosing an Internet Lease Line for your business:

  • Higher speed– As the network is dedicated for your use, you get a high data throughput even during heavy use hours. Internet leased lines offer symmetrical speeds for both downloads and uploads.
  • Dedicated Internet – The fact that you will not have to share your precious bandwidth with any other companies or private households is the main advantage of a dedicated internet connection. Whereas in traditional broadband, the connection is shared between several businesses and/or residential homes.
  • Dedicated bandwidth – Leased line can provide a connectivity range based on your location. Internet leased lines can give a much more extended range as compared to business fiber broadband can provide. 
  • Symmetrical lines supporting – The symmetrical lines offer high upload and download streaming. It is suitable for video conferencing, huge files transfer, server storage, and more. Getting a symmetrical upload and download speed is one of the crucial advantages of Internet Leased Line.
  • Offers service-level agreement (SLA) – SLAs offer customers the advanced level of performance expected by the Internet. SLA also promises a refund for an extended period of downtime. As compared to broadband, any issue or fault can be easily fixed with Leased Line services.
  • Great reliability – Internet Leased Lines are more reliable than a broadband connection. This is because an ILL can monitor various performance parameters of an internet connection.
  • Low latency – With internet leased lines, you are liable to face fewer delays in data transmission (latency).
  • Quality of Service (QoS) – In comparison to broadband, an Internet Leased Line provides a better quality of service. With ILL, you get a smoother experience with audio and video streaming.
  • Scalability – A leased line provides a scalable connection that can grow with your small business. A leased line allows businesses to scale their bandwidth and data usage as per their requirement. An Internet Leased Line also allows businesses to implement bandwidth-intensive services that can help the company to grow fully.

So here are some of the advantages why you should think of switching your business to a Leased line platform. At the present time, many small businesses are turning to Internet Leased Lines services. It is a good decision if you are wondering whether to upgrade your business to avoid the hassle.

Annu Priya
Updated on