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Nextra communications is an IT performer since decades and now coming up with brand new service of ILL.

Nextra communications is an IT performer since decades and now coming up with brand new service of ILL i.e. Internet Lease Line. We are pioneer of distinguishing every milestone that led us to success. Nextra communications is known for providing the fastest internet speed that covers all types of B2B business profiles. We work to grow and adapt the new and advanced changes coming in the IT industry.

We evolve and grow the establishment of Nextra communications with a vision that makes the coming generation work with advanced technology. We are name to provide high broadband performance, consistent connectivity and static IP’s.

Nextra means the “Next Era” of Broadband. The philosophy of “Next Era” is embedded in Nextra’s core Brand Image– “The Emergence of the New Sun”. The various phases of the Sun represent the eras gone by and those to come. The one in the centre is the most dominant, symbolically indicating the emergence of the next and the most important era – the era of higher form of communication through the most advanced broadband technology.

Why choose us ?

We are a name that stands out whenever you need any technical service. The internet is one such resource that is connected to all kind of business. ILL is your answer:


We are simple and easy to access, Our client can sit back and relax when our internet support us working 24*7 with you.


Yes, we are secured that every client feels satisfied with our service and continues to grow long term relation with us.

Quick Deployment

We support you at once, if you come across any technical discrepancies. Our quick development team is already with solution.


Our customers can trust us as we are known for reliable service in order to make every business run in high speed.


We keep a track of everything, if you come across any error while using the internet speed. Our team is skilled in providing 24*7 service.

Smart ILL

The smart ILL provides is the one solution to all your internet requirement. It gives fastest speed, reliable performance and 24*7 support.


Nextra offers dedicated internet services on a variety of access media (Fiber, Copper and RF) depending upon network feasibility.

Nextra will provide IP addresses based upon your needs. As a standard offering, Nextra provides /30 IPV4 subnet (a total of 4 IP addresses, with 1 usable by the customer).

Premium DIA services includes a /29 block (a total of 8 IP addresses) at no additional cost. Larger blocks of addresses are available for an additional fee and are subject to availability.

As long as you have a publicly assigned Autonomous System Number (“ASN”), Nextra will establish BGP sessions with your layer 3 router and provide a full or partial BGP table as per your requirements.

Yes, Nextra does provide DDOS Mitigation and a managed UTM device as a value added service.

ACCESS CRITERIAShared internet access (SIA) is that users of a service share facilities in order to save money. This is the typical residential broadband model, whereby a number of consumers access an internet connection and the cost of that connection is shared between themDedicated internet access (DIA) agreements establish a private connection between an ISP and the customer’s premises. This means that the bandwidth you purchase is for your use only; there are no other users sharing the connection so the speed advertised is (usually) the speed you get.
USABILITYHOME and SMALL OFFICESLarge Organizations: Hospitals, Universities, Corporate Offices and the like.

Dedicated Internet Leased Line starts from INR 50,000 per annum.

Any Circuit which provides dedicated bandwidth along with SLA commitment is called a leased line circuit such as ILL. It is also called a P2P circuit such as local loop, NLD and IPLC.

In Leased Line connection, a 1:1 contention ratio is maintained. So, the bandwidth is not shared with anyone and the speed is dedicated up to the ISP gateway.

Types of leased lines include ILL or dedicated internet and P2P circuits such as local loop, NLD, IPLC.

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