Top 7 things to know about Leased Line.

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Leased Lines refer to a dedicated network that usually interconnects two or more sites. In other words, leased lines exist between a service provider and consumer as an agreement of service. Leased line connection depends on fiber optic cable and provides a high-quality bandwidth and speed.

Having a stable internet connection is very crucial for businesses in this digital era. A stable internet connection can be a game changer for business productivity. Slow internet can impact the productivity of businesses.

Here are Top 7 things you need to know about Internet Leased line Connection:

  • Dedicated Bandwidth – With Internet Leased Line you get a dedicated bandwidth. With this bandwidth, there is no sharing. In comparison to broadband, the speed provided by the leased line does not fluctuate during peak hours.
  • Dedicated Internet –Internet leased lines do not require an Internet Connection.  In a leased line connection, you get a bandwidth wholly dedicated to your usage. This internet offers a safe and secure connection. With leased lines, your data is well protected from cyberattacks.
  • Symmetrical upload and download speed- Leased Line gives symmetric upload and download speed. It provides a seamless and dedicated speed. Symmetric speed means that uploads and downloads happen at the same speed. Here you get a dedicated speed without any sharing. 
  • Uptime – Leased lines offer a comfortable network infrastructure for your business as they invest in the best network. You should always choose a Leased line service provider who will give you 99.95% uptime. You should not accept lesser uptime provided by your service provider.
  • Scalability – Leased lines are scalable. For business expansion, an internet leased line is the best option. Internet Lease Lines are very reliable when it comes to the upgrading of service plans.
  • Guaranteed SLAs- Your leased line service comes with an added benefit. It ensures better repayment before getting a connection through Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It makes clients sure about the money they invest for the connection.
  • Fiber instead of traditional copper technology – Fiber technology is more efficient when it comes to a better Internet connection. Most broadband connections today still use copper technology, which is outdated now. But Leased lines use fiber technology.

Before choosing an internet connection, getting your fundamentals clear about Internet Leased Line is very important.

Therefore, an Internet leased line connection gives you better benefits compared to broadband. It offers a high-quality speed, safe, secure, and reliable connection dedicated to your usage. It also offers a guarantee of fair compensation, cost-effectiveness, and so on. It is assured that with leased lines would be guaranteed that your money would be well spent.

Annu Priya
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