What is a Leased Line and How it Works ?

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A leased Line can be defined as a point-to-point connection between a consumer and an Internet Service Provider. It is a dedicated circuit between two points of communication that allows continuous data flow from one end to another through this dedicated line of a network.

A leased line connection is also known as a Fiber Leased Line that delivers uninterrupted connectivity with seamless speed and dedicated bandwidth. Leased Line offers a reliable communication network that connects two or more sites.

There are two types of Leased lines such as: 

  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Site-to-network connectivity


Leased Lines offer great features that can be helpful for its users. Some of the best features are:

  • Highly symmetric speed 
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Better Uptime
  • Business class service
  • Security
  • 24/7 support


    These are the list of benefits of a Leased Line. 

  • Dedicated symmetric bandwidth – With Leased Lines, you get a dedicated bandwidth solely for your business purpose. Since the network is not shared you can there are lesser fluctuations and you get a good speed.
  • Threat management system – It offers protection from any outside threat and is highly secure in terms of cyber-attacks. Leased Line has a well-developed threat management system for its clients.
  • Service Uptime of 99.5% – With a Leased Line, you experience lesser downtime and seamless connectivity. Downtime can affect your business productivity online. Lesser downtime can increase your business performance.
  • Best-in-class SLA- You get an advanced level of overall performance expected by the Internet. SLA also promises a refund if you face an extended period of downtime. This is an added benefit for customers. 
  • Uncontended connection – The connection is uncontended and you have an uninterrupted speed with a Leased Line.

So, looking at the benefits of a Leased Line, one should choose it for their business It can prove to be a good decision whether to upgrade your business to avoid the hassle. 

How does it work?

A leased line connection is usually imparted with an optical fiber cable. This optical fiber gets functional and data is transmitted at the speed of light. 

The Internet service provider of the leased line delivers a bidirectional line for telecommunications that helps to establish connectivity between two or more locations. The cost of renting value differs from provider to provider based on monthly, yearly, or quarterly rental charges.

The Internet has now become an integral part of our lives. Business productivity is an essential aspect. Leased lines are becoming increasingly popular for businesses that want to enhance their productivity with Internet speeds. This is due to dependence on digital connections to reach new heights. With poor internet connectivity, productivity suffers. With good internet speed and a reliable network, businesses can develop smoothly. 

Therefore, in today’s time, businesses are dependent on the internet. Without the internet, business productivity suffers. As a result of this, many SMEs are exploring their options when it comes to their internet connection. Leased Lines are a great option for enhancing  your business.

A slow internet connection can impact the productivity and revenue of businesses. Factors such as strong connectivity, constant bandwidth, and high-speed communication are the backbone of a successful business. Also, high-speed connectivity coupled with security and reliability is a crucial aspect for businesses in the marketplace.

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